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Reading homework help what is directingDirecting  is the orchestration of the play unifying the set, actors and various  aspects of production into a theatre production. William Ball advises  the directors of combining the play with reality in such a way that the  play is more realistic and audiences amerced in the acts. Ball gives  five main steps in acquiring this, first being preparation were choosing  the right actor for a scene is essential in the outcome. Incubation is  the second one giving the director time for new ideas setting the  challenges and opportunities. The third being a good understanding of  the play or inspirational plot for the play, having only one chance to  tell the story right with the precise actors: ‘first come, first  served.’ Last but not least is the evaluation process or rehearsal were  the opinions and complaints from actors, or any intellectual  confrontations should be avoided. The actualization of the play is the  last as all ideas are brought to life in the play. what is designPlease notate two quotations, each from a different author in  the packet, that you either did not understand fully, or find  interesting and worth discussing. Now that you have thought about these  quotations, what do you think they are trying to express?In general, how have these readings affected your ideas about  the role of design in theater? Do you have a different sense of what  “good design” means now that you have read this material?Now that you have thought through the readings, please  explain what you think the main difference is between “Set Design”  versus “Interior Design”? Between “Costume Design” vs. “Fashion Design”?Your response to these questions will be worth 3 points in your Critical Journals, so please answer them thoughtfully.


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