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Your classroom program will help teachers determine if a classroom is full based on the capacity of multiple classrooms and the number of students enrolled in a given class. 

Write a program that uses the data provided in the table below to determine the following:

Number of Empty Seats

Filled or Not Filled Status

Room             Capacity        Enrollment

426                 25                    25

321                 18                    12

400                 20                    8

317                 100                 99

Within main call a separate function called DisplayResults which displays the following information in a tabular format on the terminal with the following heading:

Room             Capacity        Enrollment    Number of Empty Seats      Filled/Not Filled

For example, line 1 of your table, using the data from the data provided, should look like this, where you used tabs t for spacing the output:

Room             Capacity        Enrollment    Number of Empty Seats      Filled/Not Filled

426                 25                    25                    0                                              Filled

Save your program as Classroom_01.c

Now modify your program that prompts the user to enter in the following information:




Now your program should display (Filled and Not Filled) information based on the information provided by the user.  The final output should look exactly the same as before.

Save your program as Classroom_02.c  Turn in both Classroom_01.c and Classroom_02.c 


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