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Essay QuestionUsing formal/scholarly language (mainly write in the third person – ONLY four 1st person sentences allowed), write a persuasive/argumentative essay according to ONE of the two options listed below. Your target audience will be the college-educated American who has little to no idea about the issue in question:Option A: Engage in a debate in which you identify and explore in-depth at least THREE distinct positions regarding a provocative ethical, political, and/or social issue related to globalization. In formulating and defending your position (this means you have to take a side), you must present a coherent account of the background of the issue being debated and an objective and balanced explanation of the arguments made on MULTIPLE (at least three) sides of this debate (DO NOT refer to only “two” or “both” sides of the debate in your essay). Please ensure that you provide sufficient information for an ignorant but educated readership to follow the terms of the debate (e.g. defining key terms, providing sufficient historical context, explaining scientific or other theoretical concepts). You may NOT write about any of the following topics: abortion, gun control, gambling, capital punishment, euthanasia, Native American sporting mascots. If you would like to write about an event, you need to frame it in terms of a specific issue regarding that event (email me for further clarification if you are interested). Sample Topics include: Globalization as Americanization, drones in military and/or civilian contexts, addictions (related to globalization such as gaming/pharmaceutical/etc.), NAFTA or other free-trade agreements, reality television (impact on society), the impact of social media on politics, the impact of technology on organized crime such as drug/arms dealing and  human trafficking, mass media’s influence on body image, the impact of social media on dating, how technology has changed education, Air B&B, Uber/Lyft.Option B: Write a problem-solving essay regarding a provocative ethical, political and/or social problem associated with globalization where you clearly identify a SINGLE problem, OBJECTIVELY outline and evaluate at least THREE possible solutions to that problem, identify at least ONE potential obstacle for EACH solution, and finally indicate where you stand in relation to these solutions (i.e. endorse one of the solutions examined or advocate for a final solution that is a synthesis of elements from the various solutions examined). You may NOT write about any of the following topics: abortion, gun control, gambling, capital punishment, euthanasia, Native American sporting mascots. Sample Topics include: climate change, overpopulation in a specific nation, overfishing, a specific endangered species, overreliance on fossil fuels, growing gap between rich and poor, national debt, government dysfunction, cybercrime, online bullying, homophobia/heterosexism, domestic violence in a specific nation, police brutality in a specific nation, unemployment, discrimination in Air B&B or Uber.Guidelines & NotesAssessment RubricYour grade will be determined according to the following criteria (6 points per category):


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