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QNT 561 (Applied Business Research & Statistics)
Week 1
QNT 561 Week 1 DQ 1:
How may variance and standard deviation be applied to a real-world business-related problem? Provide a specific application in which these measures are useful.
QNT 561 Week 1DQ 2:
When would you use Chebyshev’s theorem and the empirical rule in business? How are they calculated? Provide one real-life example that requires Chebyshev’s theorem and one that requires the empirical rule.
QNT 561 Week 1 Chapter 2 & 4 Practice Problems
Chapter  2 Problem : –  2.37-2.38-2.44-2.46-2.54-2.64-2.68-2.79-2.85-2.89-2.93-2.106-2.108
Chapter  4 Problem :- 4.12-4.13-4.21-4.79-4.81-4.89-4.91-4.106-4.124


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