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#1In one well-developed paragraph, try to summarize Stanton’s ideology (not her entire text). By summarizing her ideology, you’re specifying and connecting together the most important BVEs expressed in her text. Look back at your double-entry notes as your compose your summary. In your double-entry notes you honed in on specific BVEs, so now you just need to pinpoint the most important of these and explain how they connect together. Try to incorporate 3-5 words generated from the in-class exercise into your summary. Be prepared to support your summary of Stanton’s ideology with references to specific passages from Stanton’s text. Again, your double-entry notes should help you with this.Words:Dignity, Personality, Human Right, Feminism.There are two parts to this Journal Entry:1) Read “Facing the Challenge of a New Age” by Martin Luther King Jr. and take 2-3 pages of double-entry notes.2) Compose a summary of King’s ideology (not his text). Break it down—”unpack it”—as we have been practicing in class. What are the specific principles, beliefs, values, and expectations that King expresses in his text? How do they connect together? What particular issues is King most concerned about? Be as specific as possible.


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