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PART 1Essays (paragraph answer) 1.5 pagesReview the Chapter on Classical Greek Civilization and read the attachmentsRead the selection by Plato (attachment). What are Plato’s arguments against democracy? What are the advantages of the form of government he proposes? Discuss whether Plato’s form of government could serve as a model today?Short answers (1point each)Look at the map of Alexander’s conquests. Name the modern countries that made up the farthest points, East, West, North, South of his empirePART 2Read Chapter 5 on Roman World and documents 1.5 to 2pagesFile Sallust Moral Deterioration.pdf (237.277 KB)File Polybius Roman Army.pdf (221.871 KB)Essays:What values were important to the Romans? ( See excerpt in text on Cincinnatus and Sallust document) How did these values differ from the Greeks?Read the document by Polybius. What made the Roman army the greatest one in the ancient world?Rome established a Republican form of government. Contrast this government with our own. How was it similar, how did it differ?What were the chief causes that led to the collapse of the Roman Empire? Like the USA, Rome was the superpower of its day. How are they alike? Could the USA suffer the same fate as Rome?Find the following answers through a Google search: How many miles long was the Roman road system? How many modern-day countries made up the Roman Empire in the 2d century? How long did it take to convey a message from Rome to the farthest point of the Empire? What do your answers suggest about how Rome was administered?


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