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Reading Response 1: Realism, Naturalism, Modernism (RR1) Readings “Notes of a Native Son” (James Baldwin) “The Ethics of Living Jim Crow” (Richard Wright) Instructions These readings fall under the definitions of the following terms: Realism/Naturalism: ″A style of art or literature that shows or describes people and things as they are in real life” Modernism: “A style of art, architecture, literature, etc., that uses ideas and methods which are very different from those used in the past.” Assignment: Write an essay in which you analyze how at least one of these terms (“Realism” or “Modernism”) is exemplified in each of the readings. Content: You should present your analysis in essay form that is appropriate to college-level writing (paragraphs, transitions, an introduction and conclusion, etc.). Targeting your writing is crucial to your success in this class. It′s important to understand and follow the assignment directions – I am looking for a specific kind of analysis as described by each reading response assignment. Support: You must explain your ideas in detail in order to make a clear and complete argument. For reading response assignments, you MUST to include specific examples (quotes) from the readings to support your analysis. Organization: Present your analysis in essay form that is appropriate to college-level writing (paragraphs, transitions, an introduction and conclusion, etc.). For help with organization, visit: Formal Tone: Do not use first person (I, we) or second person (you) in papers for this class. This type of paper (literary analysis) about the readings and should be written in third person only. College-level papers should always be written in third person unless the assignment/professor specifies otherwise. Research: DO NOT use outside research as support for your ideas. I’m interested in your analysis of the readings ONLY. Present your own ideas with support (quotes) from the reading. Format: Use MLA style for this and ALL writing assignments in this class. Information on and help with MLA style can be found at the following links: You need a Works Cited page (MLA style) for this and all response papers. For help with Works Cited, visit: This site will also help you create citations: Length: All reading responses should be 2-3 typed, double-spaced pages.


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