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Instructions:Review the following resources as you prepare to track your waste creation for one week:10 Ways to Adopt a Zero Waste Lifestyle Sustainable Materials Management: Facts and Figures State Zero WasteTEDx Talks – Why I Lead A Zero Waste Life | Lauren Singer | TEDxTeenTEDx Talks – Two Adults, Two Kids, Zero Waste | Bea Johnson | TEDxFoggyBottomZero Waste Grocery Store Opens In London the Waste Activity Table for 7 consecutive days by identifying major sources of your personal waste. Provide descriptive examples under all applicable categories and estimate the total pounds of waste for each day and use this total as part of your reflective paper.Waste Activity TableDAYFood PackagingProduct PackagingOrganic Food WastePounds of WasteEXAMPLEPop-tart wrapperWater bottleCoffee CupPrinter CartridgeShipping Box AmazonKeurig Cup½ Plate of FoodUneaten SaladLeftover Cold Coffee3.5 lbs.Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7TOTAL POUNDSWrite-Up InstructionsPrepare a 2-3 page reflective summary of the experience. Were you surprised by the amount of waste that you created? Was it difficult to keep track of all the waste? What activities generated the most waste? In your paper, identify 2-3 ways in which you can modify your actions to reduce the amount of waste created.· Prepare a 2-3 page reflective summary of the experience – double spaced· Included at least one relevant outside source to support your reflection· Appendix· Completed WASTE ACTIVITY TABLE· Include 4-5 photos of waste from your WASTE ACTIVITY TABLE with descriptive captions (SEE EXAMPLE BELOW)I placed numerous glass, aluminum in plastic in the recycling bin at Washington Hall.· The paper should be should professional; be sure to check for spelling and grammar errors.· Review the Written Paper Rubric (on page 4) before submitting your completed assignment.· Format paper in APA Style (in-text citations; spacing; resource section; etc.)NOTE: Ensure you have reviewed and applied APA Style to your assignment before submitting for grading (See Research, Writing, & Presentation Resources in your Blackboard course site).APA Style | Student Responsibilities for AssignmentsAssignments are to be completed in APA Style. APA Style, currently in its 6th edition, is a citation protocol established by the American Psychological Association. Before submitting completed assignments, ensure you have properly applied APA Style to these elements of your work:· the format & structure of your paper (assignments)· how you cite other authors within the body of your paper· how you compile a references page at the end of your paper (assignments)Why do we Cite?Requiring you to apply APA style to your work is not required to annoy you, we promise! Citations are a critical component of proper academic work. Why?· Proper citations give your paper credibility and authority.· Documenting sources shows an understanding and respect for scholarly communications. Give credit where credit is due.· Citations help readers identify and locate your sources.Content : 55 pointsAnalysis : 55 pointsGrammar : 20 pointsStructure : 20 pointsWritten Paper RubricFeedback via the rubric will be used to identify business communication strengths and opportunities for improvement.Written Paper Rubric CriteriaNot Evident0%Needs Improvement55%Proficient85%Exemplary100% Content & AnalysisIncludes considerations of audience, purpose, and the circumstances surrounding the communication task(s). Analysis 55 points Content 55 points COM 3 (BC01)Has an implied purpose and demonstrates some attention to audience needs and assignmentDemonstrates awareness of context, audience, purpose, and to the assigned tasks(s) (e.g., begins to show awareness of audience’s perceptions and assumptions)Has a clear definition of purpose that is used to control the organization and reasoning of the assignment. Analysis of purpose and audience expectations is evident throughoutHas a sophisticated and nuanced definition of purpose that is used to focus all elements. Work is responsive to the assigned task and demonstrates initiative in defining task and audienceSources and Evidence20 pointsCOM 6Demonstrates an attempt to use sources to support ideasDemonstrates an attempt to use credible and/or relevant sources to support ideas that are appropriate for the discipline and genreDemonstrates consistent use of credible, relevant sources to support ideas that are situated within the discipline and genreDemonstrates skillful use of high-quality, credible, relevant sources to develop ideas that are appropriate for the discipline and genreGrammar, Spelling, Mechanics20 points12.5%Errors in grammar, spelling, and mechanics prevent effective connections. Many fragments and run-ons make the paper difficult to read.Errors in grammar, spelling, mechanics distract or interfere with understanding. Poor sentence structure such as run-ons and fragments.A small number of errors in grammar, spelling and mechanics do not distract from the overall effectiveness of the paper.There are no grammar or spelling mistakes. Sentences are well structured and articulates clearly the reflective cycle1


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