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Keep in mind that the topic you select must align with the theme of the research project, “Freedom and Oppression in the 21st Century,” and will likely determine the topic of your research paper and presentation. I suggest selecting a topic with which you are somewhat familiar, as you will eventually write either a) an argument or b) an analysis. Open the following link for more details: the project’s theme is “Freedom and Oppression in the 21st Century.” Keep in mind that the topic deals with sex/gender/sexuality. Writing Prompt for Part 1 (Pre-Research)Answer the following questions (in the order you see fit): 1. Which topic will you research? ( SINGLE PARENTING) 2. What research questions do you have? 3. How does your topic/research question(s) tie into the theme of the course “Freedom and Oppression”? Why is this topic important to you? ( I GREW UP IN A SINGLE PARENT HOUSEHOLD WITH MOTHER TILL 13 AND THEN WITH FATHER FROM 13-18, WITH MOTHER LIVED IN HOUSING PROJECT IN POOR COMMUNITY IN NORTHERN INDIANA) What do you know about the topic so far? Where do you expect to find the most information on your topic (e.g., primary sources (interviews, surveys, polls, etc.) or secondary sources (analyses, reports, research articles, etc.))?The first part of your prospectus should be written in well-developed paragraphs. You will need to think carefully about the organization of your draft so that each paragraph leads into the other. Write according to length and format instructions: at least 500 words, not including Works Cited page, title, or headings, double-spaced with 1-inch margins, typed in Times New Roman 12pt. font, and formatted in MLA Style.


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