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Research Paper For this Assignment, you will produce a formal research proposal per APA guidelines (10–15 pages). You will use revisions of the Unit 4 and Unit 7 Assignments as the Introduction and Methods sections, respectively.The Abstract, which was discussed in the Unit 8 Seminar, will be all new writing for this assignment. It should be a summary of the research proposal that includes the problem statement, the subjects and how they will be sampled, and an overview of the method and procedure. The abstract should be approximately 200 words in length, not much shorter nor much longer.The abstract is NOT the introductory paragraph of the paper: the paper should be able to be read and fully understood without the presence of the abstract.The Introduction and Method sections are revisions of the Unit 4 and Unit 7 assignments, respectively. You will get some credit for fixing the problems that your instructor explicitly pointed out in your original submission. Your instructor will NOT have marked all the problems in the assignments: you will need to have reviewed all of each assignment and have made corrections to problems not explicitly marked by the instructor to earn full credit for the revisions.The proposal should contain all of the following sections:The Final Project should:


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