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Fallacies- IIA fallacy is an error in reasoning or thinking, sometimes called a “thinking error.” We have learned about a few fallacies in thinking, but here are a few more. It is important to understand and spot fallacies in our own thinking and arguments as well as others. This is a component of Critical Thinking.More FallaciesCT ExerciseReview each practice scenario and determine if it contains a fallacy and if so, which fallacy is it an example of?Scoring:Compare your answers to those below. Give yourself one point for each correct identification of a fallacy and another point if you correctly identified which fallacy it was.Provide your total score to your Instructor with an answer to the following question.Think of a time when you heard/saw a thinking fallacy from someone else (in person, on TV/Internet, in magazine/paper, etc.) and describe the situation and what fallacy you believe you noticed.Submit as word document


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