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wk2Three questions for nursing/math, each needs a peer reviewed journal reference with in text citing including the references listed for question one below. The word count is question #1 – 300, #2 – 150, #3 – #150.#1.  answer the following questions:Review Paravic-Klijn, T., Mu?oz-Mu?oz, A., Barriga, O., & Jimez-Contreras?, E. (2009); and Lasater, K, & Nielson, A. (2009) and o What levels of research evidence are presented in each article? o Does the research evidence support the author?s conclusions? o Do both articles use research evidence effectively?Incorporate the Melnyk Pyramid developed by Melnyk and Overholt. It can be retrieved from of the learning points is that research provides different levels of evidence; if we can evaluate the research study and assign a level of evidence, we understand whether or not we have sufficient evidence to change practice.#2. Translating real-life problems into algebraic expressions can be a difficult task for some people. Why do you feel this is true, even if it is not difficult for you? What are some of the roadblocks that people have that probably make it more difficult? What are some techniques that you have learned from the text that would help people become stronger at translating in algebra?#3. Compare and contrast simple interest and compound interest. Give an example of when a simple interest loan is used and when a compound interest loan is used.


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