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*** MODULE #3 SEGMENTATION, TARGETING & POSITIONING (STP) THEME PARK CASE ***(Group/Individual Project; 40 Points; DUE by email Sunday July 20th @ 11:59pm)   INTRODUCTIONThis assignment allows you to demonstrate your knowledge of the chapter 8 Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) strategies, which are essential for successful marketing.  As a result, the assignment addresses the critical thinking skills of concept application and strategy formulation, the marketing functional area skills of STP, written communication skills, as well as your own personal idea generation and creativity skills.  A one page synopsis of the “STP Logic” is posted to the course website in Module #3 and also handed out in class.Working in groups, partnerships, or individually, you will use the information provided and additional information located on your own to create a unique theme park design and formulate a complete STP strategy for your theme park. The market can be domestic or global and the theme park can be a physical location, a virtual online location, or a combination of the two.The assignment is presented as a “case study” to help structure your decisions and project activity.Case Objective — Develop a theme park idea with a precise target market that will be successful in the real world.Case Focus — Determine the best FIT between two strategic marketing dimensions:INSTRUCTIONSThe specific steps to complete the STP Theme Park Case Assignment are as follows:Describe TARGET MARKET PROFILE in detail with 1 page of content (min), using either paragraph or bullet-point format.Describe POSITIONING & PERCEPTUAL MAP STRATEGY in detail with 1 page of content (min), using either paragraph or bullet-point format – including illustration of “Perceptual Map.”


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