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Select a theory that is consistent with your philosophy of nursingChanges being experienced within the health care delivery systems across the globe have led to increasing demands on the part of the nursing fraternity in regard to their workloads and responsibilities. The nurses are required to deal with the emerging issues that characterize their working environment. Though nurses encounter challenging work environments they are required to find a way in which they will execute their caring mandate. In this respect Jean Watsons nursing theory can be regarded as a critical aspect for the nurses to meet their goal. Jean Watsons nursing theory asserts that caring is the pillar of the nursing profession. Also caring is known to promote health as opposed to mere medical care. In this respect Jean Watson believed that health care needed to involve a holistic approach as this was critical to the caring aspect of the nursing profession. Watson observed that caring that is often associated with nursing is not something new as it has existed in virtually all societies of the world. Nonetheless the caring element is not something that is transferrable form one generation to the next. Watson exemplifies that caring is an aspect that can only be transmitted through the culture found in the nursing profession. In this case the caring aspect serves to help the nursing profession cope with its environment. This theory asserts that nurses can demonstrate and practice the caring element. It is also observed that caring is an aspect that promotes growth. This paper will analyze the theoretical framework presented by Jean Watson which is known as the Nursing theory of Jean Watson.2. Define the major concepts of the selected theoryJean Watson developed the theory of nursing in 1979. This theoretical framework is often referred top as the theory of Transpersonal caring theory of human caring or the caring model. Over the years this theory has been changing though the basic tenets have remained relatively the same. This theory emphasizes on the humanistic elements related to the nursing profession. This theory was designed so as to give meaning and focus to the nursing profession making it unique from other health professions. According to Jean Watson caring is something that is closely associated with the nursing profession. She also believed that the identity of medicines lied in caring. In agreement to Watsons assertions Florence Nightingale noted that surgeons only save an individuals life but the nurses help the individuals to live. Watson established various roles that are played by a nurse. These roles include establishing a caring relationship with the patients; treating patients in a comprehensive manner; displaying unconditional acceptance; having a positive regard when treating patience; promotion health via knowledge and intervention; and spending quality time with patients which she referred to as caring moments. Jean Watson noted that the main elements of her theory included the carative factors; the transpersonal caring relationship; and the caring occasion/caring moment. The three aspects form the basis of this theoretical argument. It can also be observed that Watsons nursing theory relies on four main concepts. These concepts include human beings environment health and nursing. The human being is defined in a philosophical sense as an individual who is functionally integrated in a comprehensive manner. The health aspect is defined as a high level of well being. This includes mental social and physical functioning of the body. According to Watson the nursing process is parallel to the scientific research process. She noted the first step as being assessment. This step involves various aspects such as observing identifying reviewing of the problem and formulating the hypothesis. After this the nurse establishes a care plan to help in determining how variables can be observed and the manner in which data can be collected. The third step is intervention and it involves implementing the plan that has been established. It also includes data collection. The last step is evaluation where the nurse examines the data together with the results of the intervention. This also involves the result interpretation which is likely to introduce an additional hypothesis. 3. Dissect the theory content and context and process include theory assumptions and relational propositionsConduct a literature review and select a research article that exemplifies how the theory has been used in research or practice. Analyze the study. Are the theoretical assumptions in the article consistent with you analysis of the theory? Are there empirical indicators (research tools) used in the article that are derived from the theory?


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