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There are two elements to this part of the project: Population health aims to improve the health of a specific population. This week you will select a population either from where you work or intern, or one from your community. In 1-2 pages identify the population you have selected. —–THE POPULATION I SELECTED IS POOR- AND FOR PROJECT WILL BE OPENING A CHARITY- OR SEMI-CHARITY CLINIC FOR PEOPLE WITH HEALTH ISSUES, ESPECIALLY DRUG ISSUES. Describe the characteristics of the population. These characteristics could include age, gender, ethnicity, health practices, health status, and/or socio-economic status. You will develop a strategic plan to help this population (develop a program for example).—- I HAVE DONE SOME EXPLAINING ON MY TOWN- OCEANA, WV. IF YOU COULD DRAG IT OUT TO MAKE A FULL PAGE THAT WOULD BE GREAT! All strategic plans begin with a mission statement and vision statement. In 1 page, write your mission statement and vision statement for your population and the health plan you anticipate developing to address the health needs of that population. After each, briefly (in 1-2 paragraphs) explain your reasoning for developing the mission and vision statements. NEED TO COME UP WITH AN ORIGINAL MISSION AND VISION STATEMENT! IT CANNOT BE ONE THAT IS USED BY ANY HEALTHCARE FACILITY OR BUSINESS ALREADY. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL CONCERNING THESE ASSIGNMENTS AS ESPECIALLY THIS CLASS I NEED AN EXCELLENT COURSE GRADE- THIS IS MY CAPSTONE COURSE—- MY FINAL CLASS.


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