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Please do the project proposal as per the files attached. If everything is fine I will give you the final project as well
After the semester is underway (usually around week 5 of a 16-week semester) I will require each group (or individual, if you are working alone) to submit a short document (about 1 page–no special formatting required) explaining the direction your OD intervention project is expected to go.  If you have two workable possibilities and aren’t sure which is better, please submit a proposal for both (in a single file) and I’ll let you know which seems better in my feedback.  For each proposal, please tell me the following things: who in this class you are working with (if you are part of a group) what organization you are considering doing your project on what your connection to this organization is (former employee, spouse’s employer, etc.) what sorts of OD-related issues this organization is facing or may be facing what sort of access you think you will be able to get to this organization for data collection (e.g., “I am friends with the manager and he has given me permission to interview people and make on-site observations”) what sort of data you think you will collect, and how you expect to analyze it
I know this will probably be preliminary and may change, but I want to hear SOMETHING from you at this time to (1) be able to correct you if you are going a bad or unfruitful direction, and (2) to help prevent you from procrastinating.  


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