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State and Local Public FinanceFor this assignment, create a title page that includes your name and the first three lines in the heading above. Use an 11 point font size and standard margins for the document. Indent the first word of every paragraph and use single-spacing.For this assignment you will create a problem statement concerning the proposal to relocate the Columbus Crew to Austin, Texas. A problem statement is one page (three to four short paragraphs) and formal. Conciseness is highly valued.2. Assume your target audience is the readers of the Columbus Dispatch.6. Normally you would not have to formally cite your sources in an op-ed piece, but since this is an academic exercise you should provide a works cited list and citations for any information that you use in your document. Use the MLA format for your citations. A link for the MLA format: assignment will be worth 25 points. You will be graded on the following criteria: 1) following instructions, 2) grammar, 3) citations, 4) clarity, 5) critical thinking. Each criterion represents 20% of your total score.


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