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Strategic Plan -26th Feb 2019
Subject Area coursework
Strategic Plan
Urgency 6 to 12 hours
Required Wordcount
3 page(s)/Approx. 825 Words
Citation Style APA Style
You will select a Strategic 
Organizational Goal from the following list that you will use to develop a strategic plan for your proposed health information system:
Research and education
Patient Care: Quality improvement
Patient Care: Sharing data across the system
Patient Care: Non-acute services
Financial stability
Before beginning to develop your strategic goal, it is important to understand your objectives. In other words, as you choose your Strategic Goal, keep in mind the overall impact you want this goal to have on your department or the organization as a whole. 
As an example, if you chose Patient Care: Sharing Data Across the System, you can start by thinking about the expeditiousness of information from the pharmacy back to the care team, and how such interface may impact patient outcome. A good acronym to use to sort through your thought process is PICOT (Population/Problem, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, and Time); the PICOT approach is spelled out below:
Population/Patient problem – Who is it that you are trying to provide service for?
Intervention – What is it you are trying to do? Or, what are you fixing?
Comparison – Is there a possible alternative to this system? Or, why did I choose this system?
Outcome – What is the goal here?
Time – How long will this plan take to be implemented?
The plan for your chosen Strategic Organizational Goal should
Outline one problem an organization faces related to your selected Strategic Organizational Goal.
Develop a solution to the problem identified that utilizes your health information system from Week 1.
Evaluate the essentials steps in creating information governance.
Articulate the roles and responsibilities of key players in policy, strategies, and challenges.
APA style


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