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Capstone Project – InformationalThis part of the assignment is NOT FOR GRADING this week. This part of the assignment is to contribute to the capstone project and also to show the instructor that progress is being made on the capstone project.Continue using the template modified for Unit 1 and Unit 2. Submit your capstone project related work to the group submission area. Include the word “DRAFT” in the document title. Your third draft will then be available to share with your team. The third draft will also be available for your instructor to view team progress.Use the company profile and scenario found here as the subject of your Systems Implementation Plan.Team ProjectNew Content for Week 3: System DesignFor this week’s contribution to the overall capstone project, collaborate and discuss with the team’s Security Specialist about the security and privacy of the software and hardware solution for Verbania. Provide best security practices and guidelines to implement and follow, as well as the creation of formal security policies and a security plan. Include the following policies in your IT security policy:Document the team’s security plan, security policy and security solution.Within the template, prepare 5–7 pages of content addressing the team’s System Design. Insert content into the template document under Section Three.


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