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Prompt 1: Technology and ______________.Technology is everywhere, and shapes many aspects of our lives and our culture, sometimes without our realizing. For this prompt, I want you to focus on the relationship, effects and/or growth of technology in relation to _____________ (one specific area of your choosing).For example:Technology and Growing Up: Has technology changed the way we grow up?Social Media and Me: an exploration of the effect of social media on my life.Internet and Entertainment: How has the medium changed the way we enjoy various art forms?The essay will be exploratory, and you are encouraged to utilize personal anecdotes, though you are not required to. The point of the essay is not to convince the reader of an argument, but to explore the topic you introduce. Ask questions and explore the possible answers. Arrive at a conclusion, or perhaps several different conclusions that may all hold some merit.1000 word countMLA formatCitation


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