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Terms Of Use

Every customer who intends to use the services of Bestschoolessays must carefully read the following terms and conditions. If the customer does not agree to any part of the contents of this page, or they feel that some rules contradict their personal views, attitudes or beliefs, it is best to abstain from this service. By placing an order, the customer is assumed to have gone through this page and accepted its contents. All customers are required to observe strict adherence to the conditions outlined below every time they interact with the company.


‘Company’, ‘Website’, ‘Site’, ‘We’, ‘Ours’ or ‘Us’ is used in reference to Bestschoolessays.

‘Client’, ‘User’, ‘You’ or ‘Customer’ is used to refer to a person or legal entity that is registered as a user on the website and uses the services of Bestschoolessays.

‘Writer’ is a person hired by the Company, to produce original research, writing, consultation, or editing services.

‘Order’ is a technical term for a product (essay, term paper, dissertation etc.). It is what the customer seeks the services of the company for.

‘Product’ is a term that refers to the piece of content and/or research completed according to the requirements of the Customer

‘Services’ refers to the work done by writers for the client (written tasks such as essays, dissertations, research papers, and other academic works) that the customer orders. This is what the client pays for.

‘Messaging System’ refers to a communication tool, developed by the Company that allows the Customer and the Writer to exchange messages.

‘Account’ is a section of the website that is personalized for an individual user and which other site users cannot access. The user accesses their account using a username and password.

Registration and placing orders

When registering for an account on the site, users are required to use a valid and working email address through which they can be reached. By providing a false email address, the client violates the terms and conditions of their agreement with the website.

The company does not charge customers to place orders. Once a job has been posted, interested writers will bid and the client gets to choose who to work with.

Upon selection by the client, the writer is required to contact the customer. Communication can take place via chat or email, whichever is convenient for both of them. The customer deposits the bid amount in the website before the writer begins working on their order.

What we provide

Bestschoolessays offers essay writing services to customers through the use of independent contractors popularly known as writers. The writing process starts with the customer providing the company will all specifications and timelines for the product they expect from them. The company through its writers commits to completing the product and delivering it within the allocated time frame.

The product presented to the customer at the end of the contract period is meant for personal use only. By uploading the finished product on the company website, the writer automatically transfers all ownership and copyrights to the company. Once the product has been made available to the customer, the order cannot be cancelled.

Copyright & Personal Use

Once the finished product is handed over to the client, it is expected that any files and communication that formed the delivery process will be used for research purposes only. In choosing to place an order with the company, the customer automatically agrees that they will not publish the product as is, sell, distribute or modify it. Should any of the above instances occur, the company shall initiate legal action. The copyright for the final product presented to the customer belongs to the company and the customer can therefore not present it as his/her own.

Should the customer chose to use the product in their possession without authorization, the company will not be held accountable for any outcome. By choosing to process an order through the company’s website, the client takes full responsibility for the finished product. It is the obligation of the customer to protect the interests of the company by preventing unauthorized use of the product given to them.

Product delivery process

After the customer has placed an order, it is his/her responsibility to follow up on the delivery status. The customer is required to maintain constant communication with the website as well as writer handling the product. It is the duty of the customer to ensure that the writer adheres to the specifications provided at every stage of the delivery process. To accomplish direct and effective monitoring of the product delivery process, the customer should;

  • Invest in functional equipment – the client is required to maintain uninterrupted connection to all platforms and devices that relate to the product. The company will not be responsible for any inconveniences that arise from unavailability of internet or malfunction of servers or other electronic devices.
  • Cooperate with the writer – the customer should be aware that Bestschoolessays writers who work on the website are hired on a freelance basis. The company encourages direct contact and communication between a writer and their customer through the messaging system when an order is being processed. It is the duty of the client to monitor the progress of the writer and providing them with information to help with successful order processing. The client must allow time for the writer to reply to messages sent via instant chatting. For urgent communication, the customer is required to raise a ticket through email or ‘support’ tab.
  • Respond promptly to emails – the customer is supposed to treat email communication from the company or writer with urgency. Upon receiving the finished product, the client is accorded fourteen (14) days to give their feedback on the quality. After 14 days, the company will release payment for the order on assumption that the writer delivered a successful product. No modifications on the product will be allowed after payment has been made to the writer.

Order Payment

Posting or publishing an order on the website is free. The customer chooses when and how much to pay into their account. Any project must be funded immediately a bid has been accepted. The website withholds the agreed cost of the project until completion and submission of the agreed work either in part or as a whole. Before the final document is delivered to the customer, he/she is required to release the final portion of payment if any. No complaint or request for revision can be accepted after this stage.

Payment of writers by the systems happens automatically after 14 days of submitting a finished product.

If the user does not use the funds in their account and wishes to withdraw, a request must be made for withdrawal. Refunds are processed within 4-6 days after a request has been made.

The customer is personally responsible for tax payments applicable.

Provision of Personal Information

The customer is required to provide the company with valid, accurate and current personal information. The company will use contact information provide to clarify details of orders published and give updates on the status of delivery. Wrong or inaccurate data provided may cause delay is delivery or missed deliveries. The company will in such cases not be responsible.

Miscellaneous Provisions

This agreement lists all possible terms and conditions that define both the rights and obligations of entities party to its use. The customer and company are required to consider the statements, promises, and inducements, as legally binding. After signing this agreement, all other written/verbal agreements between the parties shall be considered null and void.

The customer agrees that if any part of this terms and conditions statement is in conflict with any other law within their jurisdiction, the rest of the document still remains valid.

This agreement is governed and will be interpreted by the laws of the company’s physical location.

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