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Please make up a title for this thesis, you can communicate with me. Please send me the first two pages (introduction) to me first when you finish, I need to submit that for a review before you proceed on writing further. Books: -Arrival City by Douglas Sanders (compare to other countries) -migration Sociology .concept of integration .Assimilation of immigrants . What is assimilation? .how does sociology function? .dictionary of sociology > what is the definition of integration > how is this related to immigration population in China -different from of migrants -does assimilation exist in china? Under which conditions?-clear leading question -better structure -better demonstration of book content -better English!!! -include more literature to compare (~7 references)-Question: How good does migrant labor functions inside China ? -Chinese literature as example -how does TongXiangHui function? What do they do? -is there any research studies to this? Journals?Steps: 1 find some journals and books/articles about Tongxianghui and migration in cities 2 dictionary of sociology: what means integration?>what do we expect from TXH?>Migration networks? 3Make recourse to the literature – only certain groups? -introduction of sociology Please make sure all the sources are from academic journals, or published book, please not from random websites.


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