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Understanding how a subject has been viewed in the past by various scholars, as well as recognizing where it’s going in future research, is an essential part of doing research. In this paper make clear the new ways that scholars are contesting the Black Death.  What’s old? What’s new?  You must include the debate over what caused the Black Death. In addition, pick at least two more arguments:, doctors and compassion, the effects/“the silver lining,” archaeology, science, and/or art.   How are scholars thinking differently about the field? Paper Guidelines:  Worth:  10% of grade. The paper should be around 4 pages (no longer than 5 pages). You are required to use secondary sources that we used in class to answer the question. Due Dates (there are a few changes from syllabus): Your essay should be typed, stapled, and double-spaced. Please—no big spaces between paragraphs; you may need to go to paragraph spacing and put in a “0” under paragraph spacing. It should have academic, normal-size font, page numbers, and one-inch margins; your class info should be in the upper left hand corner. You should include a Works Cited page; Use CMS. Use MLA for this paper however.   Include a meaningful title, and a thesis statement in your first paragraph. Really think about your thesis and make sure it is clear and concise. This paper should be turned in with minimal typos and grammatical errors, especially for A and B papers, so proofread carefully.  Should you have problems in this area, the writing center in Olin Library can help you with your essay, or I can work with you as well (would be happy to read a rough draft if given to me by deadline).  Please review the syllabus and the grading sheet for tips on how to structure an essay and what I am looking for. Have a broad and clear topic sentence at the start of each paragraph, and then fill the paragraph with evidence that relates to your topic sentence. Have a few carefully chosen quotations. Not all quotes are equally useful. Choose the best ones. If they are pure information—then you might consider paraphrasing in your own words. Make sure to introduce your quotations, rather than just having them stand alone. Stay past-minded; keep the focus on the past and what it says about history and ideas. There is no need to draw comparisons to modern America or today’s world, and will lose the reader’s focus. In general, historical writing uses past tense. The exception is when you are directly referring to the text as if you are analyzing it at that moment. Example of MLA style: In Jean de Venette’s chronicle, the central  . . . .  (115).  Note that the period should be placed after the parentheses not before. If you have any questions concerning plagiarism, please look over this section in your syllabus.  You need to use your own words and sentence structures, unless you include a direct quotation in quotation marks with a page number.  Any information that is not part of your general knowledge needs to be cited, with a page number indicating where that idea was obtained. Plagiarism, or the taking of ideas from books or Internet without citation will be addressed by a “0” on the paper; see additional guidelines in the syllabus.


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