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The Crime of Infanticide in CanadaOrder DescriptionThe paper must rely on recent academic and professional literature (as much from North American sources as possible) in the fields of law and particularly psychology. It must argue convincingly that the crime of infanticide, from a psychological perspective, can be committed with an accessory. In other words, the mental state of a woman who kills her own infant could also cause her to seek out the assistance of another person to affect the infant’s death. Cases where accessories have in fact participated in the crime of infanticide will be of great value as examples. The paper will ultimately be adapted into a legal opinion by a Canadian law student. Please ensure that all references include page numbers. Scholarship and professional sources should be restricted to those from Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Please provide a draught within three days. The preferred citation style is based on the McGill Law Journal Guide to Uniform Legal Citation 7th edition.


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