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Research TOPIC: The Effects of The EFL Learners’ Mother Tongue (Arabic) Interference on their Writing in English: An Error Analysis StudyA Case StudyInstructions:Outline of the concepts/ subtitle that are needed to do literature review for.Table for Concepts1.1. Foreign Language and Mother Tongue Transfer1.2.1.Interlanguage Theory1.2.1.1. The Origins Of Interlanguage Theory1.3.Language TransferSection Two: Cantrastive Analysis and Error Analysis1.4.Contrastive Analysis1.5.Error Analysis1.6.Mistakes vs Errors1.7.1.Interlingual (Interference) Errors1.7.2.Intralingual (Developmental) Errors1.8.1.Identification Of Errors1.8.2.Description Of Errors1.8.3.Explanation Of Errors1.8.4.Evaluation Of Errors1.8.5.Correction Of ErrorsChapter two: THEORETICAL ISSUES ON WRITING2.1. What is Writing?2.2. Second Language Writing2.3. Writing Approaches2.3.1. The Product Approach2.3.2. The Genre Approach2. 3. 3. The Process Approach2.4. Skilled Writers vs Unskilled Writers2.5. Writing Problem·         Feel free to use different references or the same available reference.


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