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Write 6 page essay on the topic The Future of Mass Media Programming.Download file to see previous pages…The term paper “The Future of Mass Media Programming” analyzes the future of different types of mass media such as the broadcast and print medias. The paper discusses if their way of presenting the information will change due to the appearance of new technologies.The future of the mass media programming will comprise of a highly integrated single electronic system that will have the ability to output high-quality audio, video, and printed materials. In this case, everything will be obtained electronically, including newspapers, movies, videos. Everything is going digital, and in the future, it seems there will be more smart media devices, which will be controlled using voices. In ten years time, media landscape will be far much change whereby print and broadcast forms of media will be accessible via the internet. The Broadcast form of content will be replaced by streaming content. Many people will have large OLED screens connected to the internet. The large audience will be in a position to watch or view television at the same time globally.Printed physical materials such as books and newspapers will not be competent as compared to those that are accessible online. Eventually, publishing companies will have to collaborate with the internet to provide their information on time. So, the media companies will have to give the best quality of information since competition will be very high and profits will mainly depend on the value of information delivered and the number of the audience who find the information valuable. (Daud, 2008). Actually, there will be one main channel of information distribution, and it will only require one device that has access to the internet. Everything will be accessible in there, and this will force media companies to change their production strategies. Application of blogging will help the forms of media to persuade the audience to access information. All media companies and institutions will have to start a marketing strategy that will help in reaching a big audience. A global media policy must be established to protect media companies from hackers and a mode in which the companies will make a profit. Print media will have to make their products available online for easy access and selling. Bookstores will be having very few books on the shelves. The customer request for a book and it is printed and bind at that moment. However, it will be important to avail all books and other print resources in the internet, to ensure that there is easy access by the customers. Therefore, all publishing companies will have to provide all of their books online. Electronic books will be the best selling and maximize profits of the author and the publishing companies. Another strategy of availing the books to the readers is through the creation of audio books.


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