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Order DescriptionNO COVER PAGE Question #1: The show “What Would You Do? With John Quinones” on the ABC television network conducts quasi social research experiments. It sets up scenarios of socially inappropriate or disturbing behavior in public places, and then, with hidden cameras, records how the public reacts. View the website for the show, and watch at least one episode in its entirety: Then, read the following critiques of the show, questioning its ethics: 1. Required sources – ETHICS ALARMS: “ABC News’ Unethical, Dishonest, and Biased ‘What Would You Do?’ 2. Required sources – PSYCHOLOGY TODAY’s “The Ethical Professor”: “The Case of the YouTube Assignment – Do You See an Ethical Dilemma?” by Mitchell M. Handelsman: The second article (Handelsman) presents a set of four questions to determine whether social research involving deception is ethical. Answer these four questions about one of the episodes you watched on the “What Would You Do?” website. Begin by briefly summarizing the episode before answering the questions.Use Required sources only: Chapter 3 and Chapter 2 (pp. 31-43 only) in Earl Babbie, The Basics of Social Research, 6th ed. Wadsworth, 2014. ISBN 113359414X Responses will consistently demonstrate that the learner is reading/viewing the source material, reading others’ posts, and reflecting upon all of these, through relevant responses. Responses will consistently draw on specific information from source material (e.g., videos, readings), using multiple specific, accurate, and relevant examples. Responses are well organized, with no run on paragraphs or stream of consciousness writing. Use full sentences with proper grammar and almost no spelling or punctuation mistakes. The tone of your response should reflect formal writing (e.g., no abbreviations that are better suited to informal texting, email, or IM).


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