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MAT144 Week 2 Discussion  dq 1 From the Course Materials, click the link to The World Factbook on the CIA website to find the current population and growth rate for a country of your choice. Use the population growth model below to predict the population of the country 1 year from now, 10 years from now, 100 years from now, and 1000 years from now. Are all of these predictions appropriate? Why?Use the model P(t) = P0(1+r)twhere P0= current population r = the population growth rate t = time in years from now P(t) = population t years from now dq 2 In DQ 1, you predicted the population 10 years from now for the country you chose. Now calculate another projection of the population for 10 years from now and add 1% to the growth rate. Did the new 10-year population projection also increase by 1%? What do your findings signify?


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