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 This is an MS Access Project, where you will perform a number of functions using MS Access. You may form a group of no more than TWO, or you can work alone. The Text Appendix C, Designing Databases, Access Tutorial Plug-Ins 5-8, and exercises prepare you for this project. When you have completed the assignment below, you will upload your Access file to the Moodle assignment link. If you work with one other, you only need to upload one MS Access file; make sure that you identify both names who worked on the Access project.THE MS ACCESS PROJECTIt’s a Grind Coffee Shop, is an Oakland, California, neighborhood coffee shop. Kate Fitzgerald, the proprietor, has decided that she needs assistance with her database. Kate wants you to do a number of things for her in her MS Access database named, ItsAGrindCoffee_Data_StudentVersion.accdb, that will help her with decisions about purchasing additional books for her coffee shop.And when you upload your completed MS Access file in Moodle, explain your reasoning for the particular report or query in the Comments area, e.g., what information does this report or query give to help Kate make decisions about her business?Enjoy and Good Data Manipulation!!


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