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ummaryIn the why should you hire me video, it talks about how the most important question asked in an interview is, “why should we hire you? “and how many few people don’t answer the question effectively. How you must sell yourself when that question is asked. And to help answer that question, try to hit the three points in FAB: Feature, Advantage and Benefit. The video highlights bad answers which are listing skills like communication skills, good with customers and being genetic. And good answers are letting the employer know what you can do for them with depth. Always read job description before interview, figure out what skills are really important and use FAB for your answer for a good answer.AnalyzesThis video was important to me because I am in the middle of job hunting and I get asked the question “why should we hire you?’ in every interview. And just like the video said, most people do not know how to answer it and I am one of those people. In the video it showed examples of what bad answers were. The bad answers highlighted using genetic skills to describe yourself and that is what my answer always comes out to be. But now thanks to video I can use FAB when answering the question in the interview. FAB stands for feature, advantage and benefit. When answering the interview question think, what is the fixed feature you can bring to the company that cannot be changed. The advantage of the feature and the benefit it has. Sell yourself in your answer to the company. I will now use this along with reading the job description like the video said. According to the video it said to read the descriptions before the interview and emphasize on the skills that I think are the most important in the job I am applying for and use those skills in my answer when asked and elaborate FAB on there. Job interviews are nerve wrecking some more than others and I think having some type guideline to follow in the interview helps me a little more to stay on track. I think with practicing on using FAB in my answers before the interview it will benefit me more in the long run.


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