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Write a 1-2 page paper that includes the following: A description of the scene that you have chosen and the characters involved.  This should be brief, and tell us what took place in the scene. An analysis of the verbal and nonverbal communication that took place between the characters in that scene. You should be looking at the different verbal communication concepts and nonverbal communication types you see taking place in the scene.  You will want to write about these, pointing to the specific cues from the scene, that were displaying the concept or type of communication that you identified.  You should also use your week 3 resources to support your claims, showing that you are applying the concepts and types of communication properly.  An example of this is:“Nonverbal communication has behaviors that are easily recognized. In this scene there is body movement, moving the head around, and pointing the finger by Gerry. This is called kinesics, the study of how we use body movement and facial expressions (Hahn, Laura K and Paynton, Scott T, 2016


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