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The essay must discuss the question in relation to two Latin American countries or examples and include relevant theoretical approaches. In the essay, you may not re-submit work for different assessments or use information you have used substantially in other assessed work for any part of your degree.Include case studies, try to compare liberalism policies in two or three different Latin America countries this citations useful for the essay Victor Bulmer-Thomas (2014) The Economic History of Latin America since Independence, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (or earlier edition). Victor Bulmer-Thomas, Coatsworth, J. and Cortes-Conde, R. (2006) The Cambridge Economic History of Latin America: Volume 2. The Long Twentieth Century, Cambridge: CUP (available online). Vandana Desai and Robert Potter (eds) (2014) The Companion to Development Studies, Hodder Arnold (available online). Cristóbal Kay and Robert Gwynne (2004) Latin America Transformed: Globalization and Modernity, Hodder Arnold, 2nd ed. Ronaldo Munck (2013) Rethinking Latin America: Development, Hegemony and Social Transformation, Basingstoke: Palgrave. Gavin O’Toole (2011) Politics Latin America, Harlow: Pearson. Esp. Part I, III and V (recommended for purchase). Williams, G., Meth, P. and Willis, K. (2009) Geographies of Developing Areas: The Global South in a Changing World, London: Routledge (available online). If you are not familiar with Latin America, the following two books are a good starting point: Skidmore, T.E. and Smith, P.H. (any recent edition) Modern Latin America, New York: Oxford University Press. Wiarda, H.J. and Kline, H. (eds) (2012) Latin American Politics and Development, Boulder: Westview Press. Available online. Other useful general reading: Bethell, Leslie (ed.) (1998) Latin America: Economy and Society since 1930, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (available online) Bethell, Leslie (ed.) Latin America: Politics and Society since 1930, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (available online) Cárdenas, E., Ocampo, J.A. and Thorp, Rosemary (eds) (2000) An Economic History of Twentieth-Century Latin America, London: Palgrave. (available online). Vol. 1: The Export Age; Vol. 3: Industrialization and the State in Latin America – The Postwar Years. Cooper, A.F. and Heine, J. (2009) Which Way Latin America? Hemispheric Politics Meets Globalization, Tokyo and New York: United Nations University Press. (online) Ocampo, J.A. and Martin, J. (eds) (2004) Globalization and Development: A Latin American and Caribbean Perspective, Stanford: Stanford University Press. Available online. Wood, C.H. (ed.) (2005) Rethinking Development in Latin America, University Park, PA: Penn State University Press.


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