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  Instructions Assignment objective
Create draft paper of final project Assignment purpose
Organize and format final paper 
The Final Draft has to include the merging of the two documents included. The Issue is the Reimbursement and EHR issues between the Public and Private health care in Behavioral Health .
 CAHIM Directives are listed in the Proposal.  Assignment Description
Using your Literature Review as a starting point:
Write a 7 to 10 page APA formatted paper about your capstone project.
At minimum include the following: State the issue Give background on the issue Explain why this is an issue Incorporate elements of the literature review Select a performance improvement model to utilize and describe each step related to the issue Explain your project and how your project addressed the issue Explain how your project related to each of the CAHIIM learning domains Discuss what you learned throughout the project Explain what you might do differently the next time you complete a performance improvement project Minimum of five (5) scholarly references Assignment Parameters
7-10 page APA style paper with a minimum of five scholarly references.
NOTE: While this is a Draft paper, it still does need to be as complete as possible


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