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In two different paragraph give your personal opinion to James Jones and  Eric Dando
Eric Dando 
Reading through Mary’s information initially, her portfolio looks to be well organized with her work information, course outcomes and learning descriptions intact. Her learning statements don’t start with the word “I” and paint a good descriptive picture of the types of work experiences she has. Her learning autobiography writing is somewhat poor and seems to talk about random experiences she had while working, more so than actual specific ones. The other thing I noticed was her letter of verification from her boss. The letter seemed too short and did not describe the type of work responsibilities and work environment she was involved in. Reflecting on this portfolio had made me double and triple check my own work, to make sure I’m on the correct path and that my writing helps back up my work experiences. It’s always beneficial to read and reflect on other’s work, to help shape your own for success.
James Jones 
Evaluator topic: The excerpt of Mary’s learning autobiography is too vague and lack specific examples. Mary explains how she was taught about the food business in general out of high school but she doesn’t highlight much from her experience. At Random Tire Company she explains that she needed to follow company ads and promotional material but she fails to give any details on the types of promotions. Mary states she learned a great deal but says the business was failing. She has a chance to highlight the reasons why the business was failing and what she learned. She could have explained how to avoid the same mistakes now she owns her own store. Mary mentions email and web advertising but does not provide any examples of these in her excerpt. Even Mary’s verification letter from Dan Ward lacks specific examples of her job responsibilities.
I would evaluate her portfolio as weak in the areas of; documentation alignment, course outcome attainment, and explanation of applied learning. I would suggest she focus on providing specific examples of how she applied her learning at each location she worked. Mary should state exactly what she learned about the food business from Ace Food Store. I would advise that Mary give examples of promotional ads and marketing campaigns she learned from Random Tire Store. I would also suggest she explain the challenges of owning her store and how she putting those lessons to use as well as highlighting the specific ways she is utilizing emails and the internet for advertising. 
This portfolio proved the importance of having specific and clearly defined examples in my learning autobiography. It made me see the importance of making sure all of my documentation is specifically attuned to my course outcomes. 


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