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AT LEAST 200 WORDSIn Chapter 6 you learned about the properties of the shot and how the camera is used meaningfully in film storytelling.For a narrative film, the cinematography typically goes far beyond objectively capturing images in a random or offhand manner. There are many choices that the director of photography must make and that the camera operator(s) and other crew must execute in order to realize the director’s vision for the film.In this assignment, you’ll be looking at the film’s cinematography–the capturing of its images. Later in the semester, you’ll be looking at the use of sound in Once Upon a Time in the West.A) Using proper terminology and examples, describe some aspects of the cinematography in one or both of the following opening sequence(s) of the Spaghetti Western Once Upon a Time in the West (C’era una volta il West) (Sergio Leone, 1968). (This was an Italian-American [Paramount] co-production so features both Italian and American actors. Much of the crew, including the director, Sergio Leone, were Italian.The director of photography was Tonino Delli Colli.)B) Explain how the film’s cinematography in the sequence(s) helps create meaning, mood, and/or gives us information.


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