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CS204 Unit 1: Understanding Professionalism – Discussion Professionalism is a continuous process throughout your career. The workplace continues to evolve and change depending on many factors. Therefore, professional behavior and requirements that were in place in the past may not be required or they may change in the future. When you can better understand your own needs as a professional, you can better focus on the areas to improve.Topic 1: Using the Self-Assessment Survey outcomes you received from the Self-Assessment Learning Activity, respond to the following areas in your discussion prompt: include your survey score and determine two areas that you feel you should work on during this course. What are these two areas? How will these areas be important to your profession? Comment on how you might use this information to develop your professional presence.My self- Assessment survey outcomes Below:Eno,AdeotiLearning Outcomes Title Description Score GEL-1.1 Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English. 4/5 GEL-8.4 Use principles of sound reasoning within the field of study. 4/5 HI300_1504A_-1 Describe the phases and activities in the systems development life cycle. 4/5 HI300_1504A_-2 Classify database technologies and healthcare information systems used to manage data and information. 3/5 HI300_1504A_-3 Determine appropriate health information standards and regulations for specific organizations. 4/5 HI300_1504A_-4 Formulate a secure storage and retrieval process for healthcare data. 4/5 HI300_1504A_-5 Identify current federal initiatives aimed at promoting electronic health information exchange. 4/5 HI300_1504A_-6 Describe the use of electronic health records in patient care. 4/5 PC-3.2 Interact with others in a professional manner using appropriate communication and presentation skills. 3/5Paper need 200-300 words, original, well detailed paper. No PHARGIARISM! With 1-2 scholar references.


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