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Watch the movie CRASH (2004) in it’s entirety if possible. YouTube has taken the free movie down. The clips are still available so pull up each clip in Youtube and watch each clip twice. Think critically and answer the questions below. WARNING: THIS MOVIE DEALS WITH RACIAL LANGUAGE, BUT IS ABOUT STEREOTYPES AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR. You are to write a 3-4 page paper on this movie. After answering the questions, finish the paper with a thorough summary of your thoughts on the movie and your own biases. Do you have fear or apprehension when dealing with certain people? Why? Where did you learn it from? How are you going to change your fear? How can communication create understanding?
Scene 1- The car jackers
The character with the Cornrolls (Ludacris)
He appears to look at everything in life through racial discrimination. Why do you think he feels this way? What do you think would make the two resort to a life of crime?
Scene 2- I want the locks changed
How has her experience empowered her racist attitudes towards people of color. Even though she has someone of color in her home working with her husband? What would have been the proper response to her. Are her feelings justified?
Scene 3- Pat down by Police
What does this say about racial profiling? It’s obvious the wife should have kept her mouth shut when she got out the car. But was that a reason to search (molest) her? How do you think the husband felt? What could have been said instead to avoid the sexually assaultive confrontation? What would you do if this happened to you?
Scene 4- Locksmith scene
The locksmith tells the store owner to fix the door. The store owner does not understand and insults the locksmith. How can this miscommunication be handled in a different way? What do you see at play here?
Scene 5. How far can bullets go?
Watch this scene closely. It will help you with another scene.
Scene 6. The car crash- I’m gonna get you out
How do you think this set of circumstances effected the attitude of the police officer when he saw the lady was the one he molested?
Scene 7. CRASH- Carjacking with Cameron (I’m not sitting on no curb!
How does the officer use communication and put himself in harms way to protect the movie director? Why do you think he did it?
Scene 8. An invisible cloak
How does unresolved anger and lack of communication create dangerous situations and violence?
Scene 9. This scene addresses the “modal minority” stereotype. What are your thoughts about this scene?
Write 2 paragraphs of what you think the movie is about and how you view each situation critically. Discuss how people have different perspectives based on their racial views and stereotypes. How can we learn to ignore the stereotypes and take each person individually? Do you have a fear of certain types of people? Why do you have it and where did you learn it from?


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