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Please respond to two of the following three prompts. For each of the essays, write about 2 pages (500 words); in total, your exam should be  4 pages . 1) On page 200/201 of our anthology, Arne Naess presents the eight points of what he considers the foundation of “Deep Ecology.” Choose several of these points, and discuss them in depth (!). If you disagree with a point, explain why. If you agree with a point, also explain why.2) We talked about radical forms of environmentalism, such as the Earth Liberation Front, Greenpeace, and the work of people like Julia Butterfly Hill. Referring back to one or more of these examples (whether you agree with them or not), sketch out your thoughts on what you think are the best ways to work towards a sustainable present and future.3) Do you want to live inside or outside the box? Discuss some of the examples presented on pages 442 to 445 of the essay “Faking Nature” in our anthology.


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