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Topic 2: Influence of Race and Ethnicity: Media Analysis WorksheetDirections:Locate and watch two pieces of media recorded in different decades (film or television) that show the same job, (e.g., a Police drama filmed in 1980, and Police drama filmed in 2010). Note the ethnicities portrayed in different careers/roles and answer the questions listed below. Include proper in-text citations for both media pieces as well as a reference note below as appropriate.What job was observed in the shows/films?Which show/film had more minority actors?Were minorities more likely to play primary or supportive roles? Is there a difference between the older and newer shows/films?Did you see the use of any stereotypes? Were stereotypes more apparent in the older or newer shows/films?Considering the ethnicities of the characters is there anything that is obviously different or missing when comparing the older and hewer show/film?Does it look like the media portrays the workplace in a way that reflects the diversity of the United States?Explain how film and television influenced your interest in specific careers.Based on your observations, does it look like minority children have enough positive role models in film and television? Explain why or why not.If you wanted minority children to have a greater number of positive role models in film and television how could you encourage the media to make any changes?References© 2016. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.


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