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Home Nursing homework help Report Issue CHAPTER 37, Older Adult ClientsIn completing the case study, students will be addressing the following learning objectives: Differentiate communication approaches when working with older adults.Discuss attitudes that many in society hold toward older people.1. Molly Brewster is a 79-year-old white widow who is admitted to the hospital for diagnostic studies. Mrs. Brewster has been feeling fatigued with slight depression that has been increasing for the past 2 weeks prior to admission. The student nurse is assigned to care for Molly and explain some of the preparation for the diagnostic studies. (Learning Objectives: 1)a. What are some effective communication techniques that the student nurse should use in therapeutic communication with Mrs. Brewster?b. Discuss different societal attitudes that individuals may have in reaction to someone in Mrs. Brewster’s position.Posted: 2 Years AgoBudget: $3


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