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Respond to each peer initial post and question at the end with a response about 3-4 sentences long.In recent years the federal government has started using block grants to give states money allowing states to have more control on were this money is spent. Block grants are designed to provide more certainty in the federal budget and allow for a stronger state incentive to control program costs (Lambrew, 2005). While many people think this is a good idea and that states have a better idea were these funds need to be spent in their own state than the federal government does. The control of these funds need to be more regulated. On the surface this seems like a very good assessment of the situation. If you dig deeper into this type of funding you discover that a large portion of these funds are not spent were they were intended to be spent by the federal government. Who suffers from this, us as citizensTake for example the housing crisis in 2009. The federal government blocked 2.5 million dollars to give states to help people who fell under this crisis. This money was given to states to aid preventable foreclosures, and financial fraud to help stabilize communities across the country (Pugh, 2012). Not much of this money found its way to the intended purpose. Missouri law makers used most of their 39.5 million to offset cuts to higher education funding, while the governor of South Carolina veto legislation to redirect the states entire 31.1 million the Republican controlled state senate overrode that veto and shifted 21 million to the general fund and 10 million to provide incentives for companies to relocate to South Carolina (Pugh, 2012). I was looking for the article on my own state of Arizona but could not find it, but I remember they diverted theirs to the general fund.Nothing was to stop this, and this is just one. Many states use money given to them by the federal government for things other than what it was intended, and this is wrong and hurts those who need it most. In 1995 a welfare bill was introduced to give states block funds. Requirements: the federal government would oversee 7% of the total funds, the balance to be divided among the states with each state devoting 25% to education efforts such as job training and employment service (West, & Portner, 1995). Which sounds too good help these people get out of the system and trained for jobs. This is what we hear all the time they need to go to work and quit living off our tax money. Wait there is more so we have 7% of the total and then 25% of what is allocated to the states but what about the rest of that money. The balance of each states block grant would be allocated at the discretion of the governor of each state (West, & Portner, 1995). Also, in this bill the senate wanted to deny cash benefits to unwed mothers but decided to let that up to the states they could if they wanted to.As a taxpaying citizen this really ticks me off. Not the part that people are getting help and living off the system. The part that makes me mad is the continual misuse of government funding and the continual bombardment by politicians that they must cut entitlement programs they are draining the system. If the funds were used correctly people might actually get education that would allow them to get off entitlement programs. The biggest one that ticks me off is they are now calling Social security an entitlement benefit, but they sure take that money out of my paycheck every week.


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