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you will ultimately need data from MS Access and Excel to support whatever decision you make, you will still need to submit a well-researched summary of your chosen topic in two week’s time. Make sure to include a bibliography in APA format.  Please see below for information on citation management and plagiarism as well as other resources that will be helpful in your research.  The following documents provide key questions that should be answered in your research summary:SOLAR ENERGY: Key questions about Solar EnergyHow do solar panels work and are they really efficient?As an alternative what a solar panel hot water systemsCan solar energy Be used to heat a homeHow much space will a solar system requireWhat do solar systems cost and how long will it take for payback through energy cost savingsDo solar systems require a lot of maintenance  Solar energyYou should review each of the 3 Scenario documents in the Lecture folder before you make your choiceComplete research and creates a 3 page word summary document with  at least 3 citations.Your summary report should also contain a bibliography in APA format-Font. Times New Roman 12-point font.It should take the format of Feasibility of implementing your project choice


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