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Introduction Part:· Why is there a need for such a group?· What type of group are you forming?· For whom is the group intended? Identify the specific population. What do you know about the needs for this population?· Most importantly your rationale for this group needs or be clear and convincing, remember you might have to convince an audience about why there is a need for your group.· State your goals or what you expect to achieve?Objectives:· How many members in your group? Is there a specific age group?· Are you planning to conduct any pre-group interviewing or pre-screening candidates?· Where will the group meet and how long will the sessions be?· Will it be an open or closed group? Would there be any group pre-selection or pre-screening?· What topics will be explored in this group?Final Part:· This part should include how you see your initial goals achieved, or what you expect your group members to accomplish after attending your group.· If you are administering a pre-screening tool what do you expect to see as you complete the group as far as changes in the scores.experiential paper is an essay the question is a guideine


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