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Diabetes1) Describe the 3 types of diabetes Insipidus. 2) What lab values would you expect to see with each type? 3) Describe the causes/potential causes of each type and how the treatment varies between the 3 types and why 4) What would indicate a “red flag “symptom in any of them and require urgent treatment Case Study:A 30 yr. old female comes to see you for complaints of fatigue. She is 8 months post-partum and delivered a healthy baby. She thought her fatigue was initially due to post-partum, but states that the fatigue is worsening. She is also bothered by some weight gain over the past few months.1) What else would you want to ask in her review of systems? 2) What specifics would you look for on physical exam? 3) How would you explain to her the most likely cause of her symptoms and why this is happening?


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