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PREMISE: An undersea earthquake has created a new island in the Atlantic Ocean, about 200 miles east of Miami. It is about the size of Key Biscayne, and its mild climate supports an abundance of tropical trees, thick forests, naturally growing fruit and sand beaches, as well as plentiful fish in the surrounding waters.You are among 10,000 people chosen to sail to this newly discovered island to make a new life and start a new nation, independent of the United States. (Many thousands more wanted to go, but you and your family, if you have one, were among the relatively few selected.)On the way, before your ship reaches the island, you and your companions must complete the structure and functions of a new nation. Otherwise, the arrival could be chaotic – “every man for himself,” with the strongest ones prevailing.PROJECT: All of you agree that you will create a democracy. What kind of democracy, though, is up to the settlers. What do you propose?Since the group must draft a constitution for the new nation, what do you recommend? You may refer to the U.S. Constitution for guidance – but consider that a constitution written in 1787 for a new nation of 13 states and several million people might not be exactly appropriate in 2018 for a tiny island nation of only 10,000 people.Of course, a constitution is supposed to provide a broad framework. Laws must follow.What laws would be most important?What functions must your new government perform?Should they be patterned after the U.S. national government or after U.S. state or local governments? Or is a completely different


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