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What is Geography? Examine the “History of Geography Timeline”. Also explore the “Careers in Geography and Geospatial Technology” Powerpoint™ presentation. You will also view a short video “Explore Your World: GIS in Education.”Write a 600+ word essay per items 1-5 below.1 – Do you have a better idea of what geography is now that you’ve read the articles, reviewed the “Careers in Geography and Geospatial Technology” Powerpoint™ and the “History of Geography Timeline? How so? Provide a detailed explanation using examples from the articles, the video, the Powerpoint™ presentation, and the “History of Geography Timeline.”2 – Using examples from at least five of the articles, describe how geography is important in terms of your daily life.3 – Using examples from the articles, describe ways in which geography may be related to your career plans.4 – You are required to properly cite all of the articles you referenced for your essay.


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