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Note: total page is 361-2 Discussion: Beginning Project Research: Public Health Issue Identification and Selection (two pages)Discuss the reasons why you are pursuing a degree in public health and what your plans are following graduation.  Next, review the shortlist of resources included in the Public Health Issue Data Checklist and the example health issues for potential exploration in your final project. In choosing an issue, be sure that sufficient information exists for the problem, especially as it relates to the particular community (preferably your own) that is affected by it. (Note: You are encouraged to spend the next two weeks locating data sources for your proposal.)  In your initial post, address the following:· Describe the public health issue you have chosen. Why are you interested in this topic, and what is its impact on the community?· Where do you plan to get started with your research? Are there any additional resources outside of those noted in the Public Health Data Checklist that you plan to explore?.WEEK#1: What is the Public Health Issue?To support you  in preparing for the final capstone project, this week you will begin exploring issues of public health.  The first component is a comprehensive and professional Public Health Program Proposal and the second is an Academic and Professional Reflection.  Make sure to review your final project guideline and rubric and review the resources that are listed within the public health data checklist.Note: This week, (if you have not already) you will identify a public health issue, either in your own community or a community of your choosing, evaluate the key issues of the problem and its impact on the community, along with plausible solutions. Make sure to review the rubric associated. Pay close attention to all of the requirements as well as prepping yourself for WEEK #2.  You will focus on problem identification and the public health statement which is due in Module #2.  If there are any questions, feel free to contact me directly. Congratulations on your journey thus far and welcome again to the public health capstone course!( 5 pages)9-1 final project Component.


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