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Q1: What is your overall impression of the book? I feel that the book, “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Ariely give an impressive information about how human beings come up with decision basing on their inherent psychological conditions. Inasmuch as decision making may appear to be based on a random, unguided and unpredictable approach while in a real sense, it is actually a product of our inner long-term thoughts. Although the writer uses both simple and complex writing format, the reader can easily relate to what Ariely is claiming. Decision-making process is not random, unguided and unpredictable approach as we may think. In fact, we can trace back the trail of our decisions to a specific event, occurrence or an encounter in life. Through captivating personal experiences and experiments, the author manages to convince his audience that actually, the decision-making process is based on their inherent psychological conditions although it may appear to be based on a random, unguided and unpredictable approach while in a real sense, it is actually a product of our inner long-term thoughts.Q2: Identify 2-3 main issues addressed in the book.  How do these issues impact human behavior?1.         Relativity: Relativity is one of the main issues which the author addressed. According to him, money is relative to the product it can buy. Specifically, a dollar valuation does not always fit the value of the product. If anything, humans don’t know the amount of money to pay for given item. Instead, they will compare different prices for different products before making the decision to buy a certain item.  2.         The price of ownership: Unconsciously, the human being tend to think highly of the things in their possessions while devaluing the things that they don’t own. Therefore, they will feel as if they already possess the things they want to own before even possessing them.  3.         The price of free: Although the businesses may appear to have lowered or provided free items to attract customers, these free items are actually not free but instead they have a hidden price. To recover the cost of free items, the businesses can double, triple or even sell at an original price while marketing it at a lower price.Q3: What value does the book have for Public Health professionals?The book is resourceful not only to other groups of people but also the Public health professionals who can learn several things. In the book, the author explains that most people make a decision aimed at protecting them from losing their hard-earned money. Using this knowledge, the healthcare professions can put in place policies such as the use of refundable fee for patients who show up for a checkup only. The overall effect will be an improved attendance. 


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