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Evidence-based Research Paper Research Paper Guidelines: 1) Choose one community health nursing‐related topic of interest to you. (STD Clinics in Rural and Metropolitan areas and prevention) Review current evidence‐based literature on this topic. The American Journal of Public Health, Public Health Nursing, Image: Journal of Nursing Scholarship, and Family and Community Health are examples of appropriate peer-reviewed journals. Select three peerreviewed journals that depict the state of knowledge relating to your topic of interest. Using the three evidence‐based articles, write a 5 page APA Format paper [excluding title and reference pages] on your topic, incorporating current Community Health Nursing practice and examples of innovative and effective nursing interventions. Discuss the significance of the topic. Examine why the topic is an issue of concern, why it is important to understand this issue, and why it is important to find a solution to this issue. In your own words, identify the implications of the evidence (study findings) for Community Health Nursing practice. What other health care professionals or organizations/agencies might need to be included?Posted: 2 Years AgoDue: 03/03/2017Budget:


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