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Philosophy of Education PaperThis paper will be evaluated using the attached guidelines and rubric.· Use APA format.· Typed 4-5 pages, double-spaced· Size 12, Times New Roman font.You will address each of the following in your paper.Please include a separate heading for each of the three sections in your paper.Purpose of Education o What role will the teacher have in the classroom? (Sage on the stage? Guide on the side?)o What role will the students have in their own learning?o What overall educational philosophy do you most identify with?Vision of Instruction, Assessment, and an Effective Learning Environmento What will instruction look like in your classroom?o What will assessment look like in your classroom?o How will you use assessments?o What role will the students have in assessment?o What will you create an effective learning environment?o What will your classroom look like?o What type of classroom community and climate will you create?Motivation for Becoming a Teacher Review the rubric before you begin writing!Please cite your references in the body of the paper and include them on the reference list.  See the APA cheat sheet that is located on Blackboard.


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